We hear words like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, altcoins everywhere.  However, why do we need to buy it and what are the benefits of these coins?  Today we will figure it out.


Why are so many looking for cryptocurrency to buy now?  The answer is obvious.  This is all because of the advantages that coins give us.


The main advantage is anonymity.  You don't even need to enter your email to get your own wallet.


You just need to download the cryptocurrency client, and then, according to the instructions, generate the wallet address and public and private keys to it.


Of course, you can also use online wallets, but you will have to register and you will lose your anonymity.  To conduct a transaction, you also do not need to specify anything - only the recipient's address.  No one will ever connect your cryptocurrency wallet and yourself if you do not admit it yourself.  At the same time, any bank and any electronic payment system requires, if not a passport, then a phone number to register an account.


The second most important advantage is safety.  In cryptocurrency, there is no physical way to manage coins without a private key.


Traditional money can easily be stolen by ordinary thieves and the owners of the payment system that you use.  Even worse, your traditional money may simply disappear due to a mistake or inattention by you or a payment processor.  This is not possible in cryptocurrency.


The third advantage is volatility.  We are used to the fact that the dollar usually rises in price.  You know exactly what inflation and the fall in the purchasing power of money are.  This is because traditional money is provided by the state.  This provision can be shaken by the actions of politicians, the influence of neighboring countries or economic problems.  You are not to blame for what happened - but your savings will still lose value.

Cryptocurrency is steadily rising in price.  Over the past 10 years, Bitcoin has grown from 1 cent to $ 20,000. Despite the fact that many say that this is nonsense, only in the last year you could get 400% profit simply by buying Bitcoin in May and selling it in September.

Therefore, you can safely invest small amounts and make good money at the same time.  The main thing is to find a good service for this and study the necessary information in order to make transactions.  It's simple.



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